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Attorney Dana B. Carron is a highly-qualified appeals specialist, and also handles injury cases, and all litigation.  Both he and his senior associate, Attorney Martin H. Leaf, each have over 30 years of experience.  Mr. Carron is among select lawyers admitted to argue before the United States Supreme Court.  He is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Michigan; he has a perfect 10.0 Avvo Attorney Qualification Rating, and a 5 out of 5-star Client Review Rating.   Martindale-Hubble lists him as AV Preeminent - Peer Rated as having the Highest of Level Professional Excellence.  In 2022, and 2023, he was distinguished as being amongst America's Most Honored Lawyers Top 1% Nationally.  


Our firm is committed to providing clients with outstanding legal representation under payment arrangements they can afford.  We work hard to get the results you want.

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Our law firm has been offering affordable legal representation for over 30 years
     Attorney Dana B. Carron is a member in good standing of the Michigan Bar,                                and the United States Supreme Court Bar.
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Client Reviews

"I decided to hire him, and it was the greatest choice I ever made."

- Anthony  

"You do not have enough stars in your rating to aptly rate this attorney."

- Sharon  

"Truly the best attorney I have ever dealt with."

- Daniel


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We are committed to providing strategic legal advice, creative solutions, and great results to our clients.
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“Deep down even the most hardened criminal is starving for the same thing that motivates the innocent baby: Love and acceptance”

Lily Fairchilde

“To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace”
Malcolm X

 “Crime is naught but misdirected energy.”
Emma Goldman

”Unlike the right to the assistance of counsel, the right to dispense with such assistance and to represent oneself is guaranteed not because it is essential to a fair trial but because the defendant has a personal right to be a fool.”

People v Salazar, 74 Cal App 3d 875; 141 Cal Rptr 753, 761 (1977)

"Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown."

- Ross Perot

How could the witnesses have gotten the facts so wrong?

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     Michigan is an Outlier on Sentence Length


Based on average length of stay in prison, Michigan has one of the most punitive criminal justice systems in the country. The Pew Center on the States found that in 2009 Michigan had the longest average length of stay of the 35 states Pew studied. Overall, Michigan prisoners served nearly 17 months more than the national norm. (See 10,000 Fewer, page 31.)


A major reason for this is Michigan’s harshest-in-the-nation “truth in sentencing” law, which requires all people serving a term of years (about 85 percent of the prison population) to serve every day of their minimum sentence in prison. This policy bans all forms of early release, including “good time.”


Since 1998, the average minimum sentence in Michigan’s prison system has increased from 7.1 years to 11.7 years. (Compare Section C1 of the 1998 and 2020 MDOC Statistical Reports.) Likewise, the average age of people in the prison system has increased from 34 to 40. However, a recent report by Safe & Just Michigan observed that “a large and diverse body of empirical research demonstrating that increased length of stay does not reduce recidivism. That is, keeping people in prison longer does nothing to enhance public safety.” (See Barbara Levine, J.D., Anne Mahar, Ph.D., and Justin Smith, Ph.D., Safe & Just Michigan, “Do Michigan’s Sentencing Guidelines Meet the Legislature’s Goals? A Historical and Empirical Analysis” (Nov. 2021), hereinafter “Sentencing Guidelines Report,” page 25).

     Michigan Supreme Court reinstates right to appeal all sentences.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently struck down the first sentence of MCL 769.34(10), as being unconstitutional. Therefore, a within-guidelines sentence may now again be reviewed for reasonableness on appeal. People v Posey, ___ Mich ___ (Docket No. 162373, 7/31/23).

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